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1.    Coordinate and implement training workshops:
In line with its purposes, Blue Umbrella provides its services for civil society organizations and international organization in facilitating and organizing training workshops in several developmental sectors. The importance of Blue Umbrella's contribution is specifically conspicuous through its different branches located in the different governorates of the Kingdom; namely Amman, Karak, and Tafeleh. Blue Umbrella's contributions are extended by a highly qualified administrative cadre, a cadre that has a well-versed experience in coordinating and implementing developmental projects.

2.    Legal Consultations:
It's often the case where non-profit and international organizations find themselves in a situation where a professional legal consultation in needed urgently in relation to their projects and affairs. Blue Umbrella provides professional legal advice for such organizations; explaining and facilitating compliance with the provisions of the Jordanian law on associations and NGOs, as well as with other Jordanian regulations governing civil and developmental action. Blue Umbrella provides its legal services through a group of highly experienced professional attorneys of law; specializing in areas of non-profit and international organizations.

3.    Project proposal writing:
Many NGOs and CBOs find themselves in an impasse when it comes time to write a project proposal. As a part of its mandate to empower local NGOs and CBOs, Blue Umbrella provides its "Project proposal writing" service through a well-qualified and an experienced team of proposal and full project writers; adhering to the requirements of donors and financiers in the different developmental areas.

4.    Work spaces, training, and meeting halls:
Whether it's in Amman, Karak, Tafeleh, or Zarqa, Blue Umbrella has fully equipped training rooms, work spaces, and meeting rooms, which it can make available upon request at very affordable prices for both international NGOs and local organizations. This is also an endeavor which Blue Umbrella exerts to empower NGOs carry out their activities efficiently and effectively.

5.    Financial and administrative reports:  
By virtue of the Jordanian law on associations and NGOs, as well as the other relevant regulations in force, non-profit organizations are obliged to furnish the competent ministry with annual financial and administrative reports of their activities.

In order to facilitate the work of such organizations, Blue Umbrella provides its "financial and administrative reporting" services through a technically highly-qualified group of subject-matter experts.

6.    Research and studies:
Based on its extended experience, and leveraging a consummate group of experts, Blue Umbrella carries out any needed research or studies on behalf of the NGOs in need of such a service. Such studies include, but not limited to, polls and surveys. Additionally, Blue Umbrella provides language editing and proofreading services (for both Arabic & English) of all research and studies conducted by NGOs. This service is rendered through two groups of well-qualified researchers.

7.    Trainers, instructors, and facilitators:
Leveraging its broad network of professional partners, Blue Umbrella can cater for your training needs by contracting highly-qualified trainers and facilitators. Irrespective of the location or subject-matter of your intended training, Blue Umbrella got you covered.

8.    Volunteers:
In such a short period of time and several projects later, Blue Umbrella was able to compile a database of over 2000 volunteer young men and women; scattered all over the Kingdom and categorized according to their areas of interest and aptitude.

With this energetic young blood, Blue Umbrella can furnish NGOs, companies, or any other interested entities with volunteers, who could carry out community service or community outreach on their behalf.

9.    Web design and social media outreach:
A professionally well designed website could potentially create a great first impression about its owner. That's why, and as a part of mandate to empower NGOs, Blue Umbrella utilizes its network of hi-tech and web developer experts to design and commission websites and social media pages for NGOs; especially for newly established and less experience NGOs.

10.    Translation, language interpretation, conference service, and event management:
As a result of numerous internationally-oriented conferences and workshops we have either participated in or put together from scratch, Blue Umbrella was able to forge to itself fruitful partnerships with highly-qualified professional translators and language interpreters as well as with reputable conference service companies. Blue Umbrella is and will always be willing to dedicate this partnership for the service of NGOs.


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